Simon Horsburgh

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OBJECTIVES To describe work related fatal injuries to agricultural workers in New Zealand to identify priority areas for further research and injury control measures. METHODS Injury deaths in New Zealanders aged 15-84 inclusive for the period 1985-94 were identified and the coroner's files for these obtained. These files were then reviewed to determine(More)
AIMS To determine the number and rates of work-related fatal injuries by employment status, occupation, industry, age and gender in New Zealand 1985-1994. METHODS Potential cases of work-related injury deaths of persons aged 15-84 years were identified from the national electronic mortality data files. Main exclusions were deaths due to suicide and deaths(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical governance is seen as pivotal to improving healthcare quality, yet there are few available tools for tracking progress on its implementation. With this in mind, the authors developed a Clinical Governance Development Index (CGDI) designed to track performances between healthcare organisations and over time. METHODS A survey on(More)
BACKGROUND Older people are exposed to multiple medicines that possess anticholinergic properties. The use of anticholinergic medicines is associated with the risk of morbidity, mortality and cognitive decline, particularly in older people. Anticholinergic exposure can be measured using tools such as the Drug Burden Index-Anticholinergic component (DBI-ACh)(More)
BACKGROUND Agricultural workers experience high rates of occupational injury. There is a lack of analytic studies which provide detailed occupational exposure information to inform intervention development. METHODS A feasibility study simulating a six month prospective cohort study was designed and undertaken. The levels of farm and worker participation(More)
INTRODUCTION Preventive medications such as statins are used to reduce cardiovascular risk. There is some evidence to suggest that people of lower socioeconomic position are less likely to be prescribed statins. In New Zealand, Maori have higher rates of cardiovascular disease. AIM This study aimed to investigate statin utilisation by socioeconomic(More)
Gout is a common inflammatory arthritis precipitated by an inflammatory reaction to urate crystals in the joint. Gout is increasingly being recognised as a disease primarily of urate overload with arthritis being a consequence of this pathological accumulation. It is associated with a number of important co-morbidities including chronic kidney disease,(More)
Allopurinol is effective for the control of gout and its long-term complications when taken consistently. There is evidence that adherence to allopurinol therapy varies across population groups. This may exacerbate differences in the burden of gout on population groups and needs to be accurately assessed. The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence(More)