Simon Horn

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An abnormal axonal membrane conductance might contribute to human diabetic neuropathy. To test this idea, we have compared the threshold changes produced by long-lasting (100-200 ms) de- and hyperpolarizing currents applied to median motor and sensory axons at the wrist in 63 diabetic patients with those from 50 normal controls and 27 amyotrophic lateral(More)
Most human exposures to ionising radiation are partial body exposures. However, to date only limited tools are available for rapid and accurate estimation of the dose distribution and the extent of the body spared from the exposure. These parameters are of great importance for emergency triage and clinical management of exposed individuals. Here,(More)
BACKGROUND Low-dose-rate permanent prostate brachytherapy (PPB) is an attractive treatment option for patients with localised prostate cancer with excellent outcomes. As standard CT-based post-implant dosimetry often correlates poorly with late treatment-related toxicity, this exploratory (proof of concept) study was conducted to investigate correlations(More)
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