Simon Hood

Nicola J Rose2
Jane L Mitchell2
Neil M Almond2
2Nicola J Rose
2Jane L Mitchell
2Neil M Almond
1Peter J. Briggs
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The snake-in-the-box problem is concerned with finding a longest induced path in a hypercube Q n. Similarly, the coil-in-the-box problem is concerned with finding a longest induced cycle in Q n. We consider a generalization of these problems that considers paths and cycles where each pair of vertices at distance at least k in the path or cycle are also at(More)
Foamy viruses are non-pathogenic in vivo and naturally infect all species of non-human primates (NHP). Simian foamy viruses (SFV) are highly prevalent in both free ranging and captive NHP but few longitudinal studies have been performed to assess the prevalence and biodistribution of SFV within captive NHP. LTR and pol gene along with Gag antibody detection(More)
Microsatellites are useful tools for ecologists and conservationist biologists, but are taxa-specific and traditionally expensive and time-consuming to develop. New methods using next-generation sequencing (NGS) have reduced these problems, but the plethora of software available for processing NGS data may cause confusion and difficulty for researchers new(More)
  • Jane L Mitchell, Simon Hood, Ghazi Auda, Neil M Almond, Nicola J Rose
  • 2011
In retroviral co-infection one or more of the viruses may display altered dynamics impacting on the pathology within the host. To characterise the nature of such changes we studied cynomolgus macaques naturally infected with three retroviruses. DNA was isolated from eleven tissues from macaques infected with SFV-1 (4), SRV-2/SFV-1 (4), STLV-1/SFV-1 (3),(More)
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