Simon Hillier

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Pulmonary microvessels (<70 microm) lack a complete muscular media. We tested the hypothesis that these thin-walled vessels do not participate in the hypoxic pressor response. Isolated canine lobes were pump perfused at precisely known microvascular pressures. A videomicroscope, coupled to a computerized image-enhancement system, permitted accurate diameter(More)
The piglet scaled cortical impact model creates a focal contusion using a skull-mounted, spring-loaded blunt indentation device scaled to achieve identical tissue strains in subjects with different brain sizes. Preliminary data showed that contusion size increased proportional to subject age. This study details the results from a new, larger series of(More)
Pulmonary hypertension frequently complicates the postoperative management of patients after congenital cardiac surgery. Inhaled nitric oxide is an effective treatment option, but rebound pulmonary hypertension can occur upon its withdrawal. Sildenafil may facilitate its withdrawal by restoring cyclic guanosine monophosphate availability via(More)
One mission of medical informatics is to provide physicians, nurses, and other health care providers with the technology and tools for interpreting large and diverse data sets, so that appropriate critical care decisions can be facilitated. Ideally, medical data visualization provides the means to transform data into information and contextual knowledge(More)
A peripheral indicator of the presence and magnitude of brain injury has been a sought-after tool by clinicians. We measured neuron-specific enolase (NSE), myelin basic protein (MBP), and S100B, prior to and after scaled cortical impact in immature pigs, to determine if these purported markers increase after injury, correlate with the resulting lesion(More)
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