Simon Hecker

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— We present a general approach to generate a linear parametric state-space model, which approximates a nonlinear system with high accuracy. It is optimally suited for LFT-based robust stability analysis and control design. At the beginning a Jacobian-based linearization is applied to generate a set of linearized state-space systems describing the local(More)
— We present a simulation based software environment conceived to allow an easy assessment of fault diagnosis based fault tolerant control techniques. The new tool is primary intended for the development of advanced flight control applications with fault accommodation abilities, where the requirements for increased autonomy and safety play a premier role.
Active engine mounts significantly contribute to ensure the comfort in vehicles with emission-reducing engine technologies , e.g., cylinder-on-demand (COD), downsizing or turbochargers. To control active engine mounts, either adaptive or non-adaptive feedforward control is commonly employed. Since both approaches have previously been treated separately ,(More)
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