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OBJECTIVES To investigate whether acupuncture is superior to placebo and equivalent to sumatriptan for the early treatment of an acute migraine attack. DESIGN Randomized, partly double-blind (sumatriptan versus placebo) trial. SETTING Two hospitals in Germany (one specialized in traditional Chinese medicine and one in the treatment of headache). (More)
The photocatalytic degradation of high concentrations of various organic pollutants (acetone, 2-propanol and toluene) in dry and humid air streams was carried out using a specially designed photoreactor based on the UV-TiO2 principle. The influence of several parameters which control the destruction efficiency (flow rate, initial contaminant and water(More)
BACKGROUND Use of traditional Chinese drug treatment is widespread. While cases of hepatotoxic effects have been reported, little is known about the frequency of such effects. OBJECTIVES To investigate the frequency, magnitude and course of liver enzyme elevations in patients treated with traditional Chinese drugs. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING(More)
The frequency of use of traditional Chinese drugs was investigated in relation to Western and Chinese diagnostic classifications in a hospital for traditional Chinese medicine in Germany. All 1597 in-patients treated in the hospital between February 1992 and August 1993 entered a prospective observational study. About two thirds of the patients suffered(More)
The photocatalytic oxidation of high levels of volatile chlorinated organic compounds in gas phase has been studied using a specially designed photoreactor. The influence of light intensity, initial water vapour concentration, temperature, inlet contaminant concentration and flow rate on destruction efficiency has been investigated. The performance of the(More)
A scientific evaluation of complementary medical practices commonly used in healthcare is urgently required. Although randomized clinical trials are the primary tool for such an evaluation, for a number of conceptual and pragmatic reasons, they should not be the only tool. The authors propose systematic clinical auditing as a concept to (1) provide(More)
Extremum seeking control is a well-established technique for dealing with the online optimization of unknown dynamic systems. However, in many applications the convergence rate of traditional extremum seeking approaches is a limiting factor, largely arising from the need for full time scale separation between the elements of the closed loop system. Recent(More)
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