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BACKGROUND The American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC) has conducted national Patient Care Evaluation (PCE) studies since 1976. METHODS Over 1500 hospitals with CoC-approved cancer programs were invited to participate in this prospective cohort study of U.S. thyroid carcinoma cases treated in 1996. Follow-up will be conducted through the(More)
The developing infrastructure for tumour documentation in Germany offers the unique opportunity to provide the physicians with useful clinical information, to evaluate standards of care, and get an impression about the "real-world-effectiveness" of cancer care. In order to compare and evaluate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in different medical(More)
This prospective, observational study of a cohort of thyroid cancer patients in Germany focusses on the "real-world" practice in the management of thyroid cancer patients. This report includes data from 2376 patients with primary differentiated thyroid carcinoma first diagnosed in the year 1996. The study reveals considerable differences in actual practice(More)
BACKGROUND To determine current patterns of care and disease characteristics for patients with thyroid carcinoma, a Patient Care Evaluation Study was initiated in 1996 in the U.S. and Germany. This project addresses ongoing concerns with respect to the diagnostic evaluation and treatment of patients diagnosed with thyroid carcinoma and raises questions(More)
Most healthcare data is narrative text and often not accessible and easy to find at the clinical workstation. XML related standards (XML schema, XForms, XSL, Topic Maps, etc.) provide an infrastructure that might change the situation. Yet, it is up to the application developers to combine the given standards and tools into a running system. The cost of(More)
Document Type Definitions (DTDs) are widely used to describe the structure of XML documents. The Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) and the Guideline Element Model (GEM) are examples from the healthcare domain. XML schemas provide another way to describe types of XML documents. In this paper we aim to advocate XML schemas from the perspective of an ANSI(More)
The application of XML (Extensible Markup Language) is still costly. The authors present an approach to ease the development of XML applications. They have developed a Web-based framework that combines existing XML resources into a comprehensive XML application. The XML framework is model-driven, i.e., the authors primarily design XML document models (XML(More)
OBJECTIVES Data and information in medicine are mainly represented in slightly structured or even unstructured, narrative text documents. It is nearly impossible to detect and handle relationships between data elements within narrative documents or to retrieve parts of documents that contain specific information. But information access and retrieval are(More)
The purpose of guidelines in clinical practice is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical care. It is known that nationally or internationally produced guidelines which, in particular, do not involve medical processes at the time of consultation, do not take local factors into account, and have no consistent implementation strategy, have(More)
A b s t r a c t With the introduction of ICD-10 as the standard for diagnostics, it becomes necessary to develop an electronic representation of its complete content, inherent semantics, and coding rules. The authors' design relates to the current efforts by the CEN/TC 251 to establish a European standard for hierarchical classification systems in health(More)