Simon Grainger

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This paper documents the testing of commercial thermoelectric modules when they are connected for thermoelectric power generation, the design of a thermoelectric energy harvesting system, and the novel 3D TCAD simulation of a thermoelectric couple when it is connected for thermoelectric power generation. A standard thermoelectric module will generate a(More)
Ozone in the stratosphere absorbs most of the harmful UV radiation emitted by the sun, however UV radiation in the wavelength range 290-400 nm is only partially absorbed before it reaches the Earth's surface. It has been shown that small increases in this component can have significant effects on human health and on animals and plants (UNEP 1998). In(More)
The seasonal mean of a climate variable is affected by processes with timescales from less than seasonal to interannual or longer. In this paper, the seasonal mean is conceptualised as consisting of intraseasonal and slowly varying (longer than a season) components. The slow component of the seasonal mean is related to slowly varying internal and external(More)
Rolling bearing fault detection approach using wavelet de-noising technique based on optimized wavelet-base function derived from the impulse response of the bearing system is proposed. The wavelet parameters are optimized based on maximization kurtosis criteria to ensure large similarity with the impulse generated by incipient bearing fault. The results(More)
[1] A 3-D off-line transport model is used to examine the breakup of the Antarctic ozone hole in late November and early December 2000. The use of a transport model enables an analysis of the vortex breakup that is not possible from the use of ozonesonde observations alone. By initializing ozone mixing ratio on 1 September 2000, and using parameterized(More)
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