Simon Goodall

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The paper describes the prototype design and development of a multimedia system for museums and galleries. Key elements in the system are the introduction of 3-D models of museum artefacts together with 3-D as well as 2-D content based retrieval and navigation facilities and the development of a semantic layer, centred on an ontology for museums, which aims(More)
This paper presents an updated technical overview of an integrated content and metadata-based image retrieval system used by several major art galleries in Europe including the Louvre in Paris, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the National Gallery in London. In our approach, the subjects of a query (e.g. images,(More)
SCULPTEUR is an EU/IST funded collaborative research project concerned with the application of knowledge and semantic web technologies to the problem of multimedia information management in the cultural heritage domain. An important aspect of the project is the development of a semantic layer centred on an ontological representation of the domain which(More)
The development and use of content-based retrieval techniques for 3-D models is a relatively new departure in multimedia retrieval. We have extended our existing multimedia museum information system to support content-, metadata-and concept-based retrieval of 3-D models of museum artifacts and in this paper we describe a " classifier agent " to(More)
This paper describes the design and prototype implementation of a novel architecture for integrated concept, metadata and content based browsing and retrieval of museum information. The work is part of a European project involving several major galleries and the aim is to provide more versatile access to digital collections of museum artefacts, including(More)
This panel will present initial findings on the design, pilot implementation and research of TeamRoom, an innovative Louts Notes application. The application was designed initially to support temporary task teams and was extended to support ongoing , distributed and co-located work and management teams. TeamRoom represents early exploration into the(More)
This paper presents image processing algorithms designed to analyse the colour CIE Lab histogram of high resolution images of paintings. Three algorithms are illustrated which attempt to identify colour clusters, cluster shapes due to shading and finally to identify pigments. Using the image collection and pigment list of the National Gallery London large(More)