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The aim of this study was to evaluate the visual acuity of adult zebrafish by assessing the optokinetic reflex. Using a modified commercially available optomotor device (OptoMotry®), virtual three-dimensional gratings of variable spatial frequency or contrast were presented to adult zebrafish. In a first experiment, visual acuity was evaluated by changing(More)
The plasmin–antiplasmin system plays a key role in blood coagulation and fibrinolysis. Plasmin and α2-antiplasmin are primarily responsible for a controlled and regulated dissolution of the fibrin polymers into soluble fragments. However, besides plasmin(ogen) and α2-antiplasmin the system contains a series of specific activators and inhibitors. The main(More)
We describe a low-cost telepathology system working via a commercial integrated services digital network (ISDN) and consisting of modular software and hardware elements. The main elements are Apple Macintosh workstations; a software program for the simultaneous transfer of pictures, voice, and data; and procedures for image processing and general(More)
Lipoma of the corpus callosum is a rare intracranial condition, possibly congenital. It is often asymptomatic, but may present with headaches, seizures, hemiplegia, or dementia. An example of this disease is reported, and the condition reviewed. The radiological appearance is described, with emphasis on the value of computerized tomography in making the(More)
The increasing trend towards powerful mobile phones opens many possibilities for valuable personalised services to be available on the phone. Client-side personalisation for these services has important benets when connectivity to the cloud is restricted or unavailable. The user may also nd it desirable when they prefer that their user model be kept only on(More)
We present Barrelfish/DC, an extension to the Bar-relfish OS which decouples physical cores from a native OS kernel, and furthermore the kernel itself from the rest of the OS and application state. In Barrelfish/DC, native kernel code on any core can be quickly replaced, kernel state moved between cores, and cores added and removed from the system(More)
The design, execution and analysis of experiments using he-uristic algorithms can be a very time consuming task in the development of an algorithm. There are a lot of problems that have to be solved throughout this process. To speed up this process we have designed and implemented a framework called EDACC, which supports all the tasks that arise throughout(More)
A physical memory address is no longer the stable concept it was. We demonstrate how modern computer systems from rack-scale to SoCs have multiple physical address spaces, which overlap and intersect in complex, dynamic ways, and may be too small to even address available memory in the near future. We present a new model of representing and interpreting(More)
The human α2-plasmin inhibitor (A2PI) possesses unique N- and C-terminal extensions that significantly influence its biological activities. The C-terminal segment, A2PIC (Asn398-Lys452), contains six lysines thought to be involved in the binding to lysine-binding sites in the kringle domains of human plasminogen, of which four (Lys422, Lys429, Lys436,(More)
Mobile phones are personal devices, and as such there is an increasing need for personalised, context-aware applications. This paper describes DCEF (Dynamic Code Execution Framework), a framework which allows applications to securely execute dynamically loaded code, providing new functionality such as client-side personalisation. DCEF ensures the user's(More)