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Annexins are a family of proteins found in a range of eukaryotic cell types. They share a characteristic amino acid sequence and a Ca(2+)-dependent affinity for specific phospholipids. In plants, proteins with common properties and significant homology with annexins have been identified in a number of species and implicated in diverse cellular functions(More)
The levels of aflatoxin B(1)-DNA and aflatoxin B(1)-albumin adducts were investigated by accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) in humans and rats following exposure to a known, dietary relevant amount of carbon-14 labeled aflatoxin B(1) ([(14)C]AFB(1)). The aims of the study were to: (a) investigate the dose-dependent formation of DNA and protein adducts at(More)
A brief review of the literature is provided on the characteristics of marine currents and the approaches used for simulating tidal turbines. The feasibility of using CFD models to simulate time-dependent turbulent flow around a tidal turbine is then explored. Two different approaches for specifying the structure of the turbulent inflow conditions in CFD(More)
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