Simon G. Talbot

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BACKGROUND The present study is aimed at identifying potential candidate genes as prognostic markers in human oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by large scale gene expression profiling. METHODS The gene expression profile of patients (n=37) with oral tongue SCC were analyzed using Affymetrix HG_U95Av2 high-density oligonucleotide arrays. Patients(More)
Finger therapy exercises, which include table top, proximal-interphalangeal blocking, straight fist, distal-interphalangeal blocking, hook-fist, and fist exercises, are important for maintaining hand mobility and preventing development of tendon adhesions in postoperative hand-injury patients. Continuous passive motion devices act as an adjunct to the(More)
1 Background Critical microsurgery tasks such as small blood vessel anastomosis demand great manual dexterity and precision and are barely tenable by even the most practiced and skilled surgeons. Robotic micromanipulation devices are an obvious solution to this problem as they provide precise, repeatable motion at the sub-millimeter scale while filtering(More)
1 Background Vascular anastomoses are essential microsurgery tasks that demand levels of manual dexterity and precision barely tenable by even the most practiced and skilled surgeons. Teleoperated robotic micromanipulation devices have the potential to improve the availability and proficiency of procedures involving these anastomoses by enabling precise,(More)
OBJECTIVE Upper extremity (UE) transplantation is the most commonly performed composite tissue allotransplantation worldwide. However, there is a lack of imaging standards for pre- and posttransplant evaluation. This study highlights the protocols and findings of UE allotransplantation toward standardization and implementation for clinical trials. METHODS(More)
Liquid silicone is inexpensive, minimally antigenic, and likely noncarcinogenic. Its simplicity of use has made it popular as a soft-tissue filler in some parts of the world for patients seeking rapid soft-tissue augmentation of the face, breast, and buttocks. However, multiple reports describe the complications of silicone injections such as cellulitis,(More)
Given the initial success of hand transplantation, there has been increased interest in determining functional independence and activities of daily living after hand transplantation. However, the metrics and methodologies used to study these outcomes have not yet been standardized. The goal of this article was to assess the role of video clips in assessing(More)
UNLABELLED Since the first successful hand transplantation in 1998, there have been multiple reports about surgical technique, transplant survival, and immunosuppression. However, very limited published data exist on psychosocial outcomes following hand transplantation. METHODS We report psychosocial outcomes in a patient with bilateral hand transplants(More)
BACKGROUND An improved method for mesh repair of ventral/incisional hernias after component separation is presented. The use of a Carter-Thomason suture passer (Cooper Surgical, allows for safe passage of preplaced sutures on the mesh from within the abdominal cavity through the anterior rectus sheath. This "inside-out" method(More)
BACKGROUND Nipple-areolar complex creation is the last step in the breast reconstruction process and plays a significant role in patients' overall satisfaction. Although numerous surgical techniques have been described to create the nipple, very few procedures address the natural contour of the areola. METHODS We describe a surgical technique using a(More)