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In human electrophysiology, a considerable corpus of studies using event-related potentials have investigated inhibitory processes by employing the 'go-nogo' paradigm, which requires responding to one type of event while withholding the response to another type of event. Two event-related potential waveform features (N2 and P3) have been associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Only a few population-based studies on the epidemiology of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSDs) are available to date. Most of the existing studies are from the U.S.A. Against the background of World War II, the extent and long-term effects of war-related traumatic experiences in the German elderly population are of special interest.(More)
If, as suggested, creative (insight) problem solving is less systematic and employs less planning than analytical problem solving, the former requires substantially less working memory (WM) than the latter. Subjects simultaneously solved problems and counted auditory stimuli (concurrent WM task), in response to which ERPs were recorded. Counting disrupted(More)
OBJECTIVES Evidence of systematic double-dissociations of neural activity associated with the generation of regular and irregular past tense in healthy individuals may prove decisive in distinguishing between single- and dual-route models of morphological processing, because the former (connectionist models of morphological processing) have only been able(More)
Based on a new psychopathological model of adjustment disorders (AJD), we propose that AJDs are particular forms of stress response syndromes, in which intrusions, avoidance of reminders, and failure to adapt are core symptoms. We aim to demonstrate that these AJD symptom groups constitute a disorder that is distinct from posttraumatic stress disorder(More)
BACKGROUND Although skills of will (volitional competences), such as self-motivation or emotion regulation, are particularly necessary for patients with psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders, it is unknown whether volitional deficits can be reduced and thereby the efficacy of psychotherapy increased. We investigated the effect of a group therapy for(More)
are various circumstances under which the perceived structure of the environment represents a mixture of consistent and relatively idiosyncratic input. Most of the well-documented instances of such input are language phenomena, such as tense and plural formation, as well as reading and spelling. These domains have received unprecedented scrutiny over the(More)
The authors recently developed the concept of motivational reserve, which implies a set of motivational abilities that provide individuals with resilience to neuropathological damage. This study investigated how lifetime motivational abilities are associated with current cognitive status, mild cognitive impairment, and psychological well-being in old age. A(More)
Delay of gratification (DoG) refers to the ability to postpone immediate rewards in favor of later and better rewards. A successful DoG in children/adolescents is subject to the maturation of the lateral and medial prefrontal cortex, which is more prone to normal age-related atrophy compared with other brain regions. Therefore, we investigated morphological(More)
Midlife motivational abilities, that is, skills to initiate and persevere in the implementation of goals, have been related to mental and physical health, but their association with risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) has not yet been directly investigated. This relation was examined with data from the German Study on(More)