Simon E. Overell

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In this paper we describe the geographic information retrieval system developed and results achieved by the Multimedia & Information Systems team for GeoCLEF 2006. We detail our methods for generating and applying co-occurrence models for the purpose of place name disambiguation, our use of named entity recognition tools and text indexing applications. The(More)
Tagging has emerged as a popular means to annotate on-line objects such as bookmarks, photos and videos. Tags vary in semantic meaning and can describe different aspects of a media object. Tags describe the content of the media as well as locations, dates, people and other associated meta-data. Being able to automatically classify tags into semantic(More)
Content-based image retrieval enables the user to search a database for visually similar images. In these scenarios, the user submits an example that is compared to the images in the database by their low-level characteristics such as colour, texture and shape. While visual similarity is essential for a vast number of applications, there are cases where a(More)
Saul Steinberg's most famous cartoon " View of the world from 9th Avenue " depicts the world as seen by self-absorbed New Yorkers (Figure 1). By analysing wikipediae of a range of different languages, we find that this particular fish-eye world view is ubiquitous and inherently part of human nature. By measuring the skew in the distribution of locations in(More)