Simon E. Overell

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Tagging has emerged as a popular means to annotate on-line objects such as bookmarks, photos and videos. Tags vary in semantic meaning and can describe different aspects of a media object. Tags describe the content of the media as well as locations, dates, people and other associated meta-data. Being able to automatically classify tags into semantic(More)
In this paper we describe the development of a geographic co-occurrence model and how it can be applied to geographic information retrieval. The model consists of mining co-occurrences of placenames from Wikipedia, and then mapping these placenames to locations in the Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names. We begin by quantifying the accuracy of our model(More)
In this paper we describe the geographic information retrieval system developed and results achieved by the Multimedia & Information Systems team for GeoCLEF 2006. We detail our methods for generating and applying co-occurrence models for the purpose of place name disambiguation, our use of named entity recognition tools and text indexing applications. The(More)
This paper presents the work of the MMIS group at ImageCLEF 2008. The results for three tasks are presented: Visual Concept Detection Task (VCDT), ImageCLEFphoto and ImageCLEFwiki. We combine image annotations, CBIR, textual relevance and a geographic filter using our generic data fusion method. We also compare methods for BRF and clustering. Our top(More)