Simon Dyrberg von Spreckelsen

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In order to study the role of different types of voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channels (VSCC) in stimulus-secretion coupling in peptidergic neurons, effects of 4 major classes of pharmacological agents have been examined on evoked vasopressin release from isolated rat neurohypophyses. omega-Conotoxin GVIA (omega-CgTX), a potent blocker of N- and L-type Ca2+(More)
Electrically stimulated release of vasopressin from isolated rat neurohypophysis was measured in the presence and absence of forskolin. Forskolin inhibited the release of vasopressin evoked by continuous stimulation at constant frequency, and enhanced the release evoked by trains of pulses separated by silent intervals. It is suggested that this biphasic(More)
Uptake of [3H]choline by rat neurointermediate lobes in vitro was investigated. The rate of uptake showed saturation with concentration of [3H]choline above 120 microM. Lowering of the incubation temperature from 32 to 4 degrees C, or increasing the concentration of K+ in the incubation medium from 5 to 100 mM, diminished the rate of uptake by 83.8% (SEM(More)
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