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Elasticity is the intrinsic element that differentiates Cloud computing from traditional computing paradigm, since it allows service providers to rapidly adjust their needs for resources to absorb the demand and hence guarantee a minimum level of Quality of Service (QoS) that respects the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) previously defined with their(More)
In spite of the indubitable advantages of elasticity in Cloud infrastructures, some technical and conceptual limitations are still to be considered. For instance, resource start up time is generally too long to react to unexpected workload spikes. Also, the billing cycles' granularity of existing pricing models may incur consumers to suffer from partial(More)
BACKGROUND Although much research has been carried out into European Reticulitermes taxonomy in recent years, there is still much discussion about phylogenetic relationships. This study investigated the evolution from intra- to interspecific phylogeny in the island subspecies Reticulitermes lucifugus corsicus and threw new light on this phenomenon. An(More)
Nestmate recognition is a common phenomenon in social insects that typically is mediated by cuticular hydrocarbons. Geographical variation in cuticular hydrocarbons has been observed, although the pattern of variation is not consistent across species and is usually related to the biology and ecology of the different species. Polistes biglumis (Hymenoptera:(More)
Conopidae / Conops vesicularis / endoparasitoid / queen death / Asiatic hornet The yellow-legged hornet, Vespa velutina nigrithorax, was accidentally introduced from China to southwestern France in 2004 (Haxaire et al. 2006). The species is currently colonizing France and neighboring countries (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Italy) (Darrouzet and Gévar 2012;(More)
A long-standing goal of evolutionary biology is to understand how paleoclimatic and geological events shape the geographical distribution and genetic structure within and among species. Using a diverse set of markers (cuticular hydrocarbons, mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequences, microsatellite loci), we studied Reticulitermes grassei and R. banyulensis,(More)
In population genetics studies, detecting and quantifying the distribution of genetic variation can help elucidate ecological and evolutionary processes. In social insects, the distribution of population-level genetic variability is generally linked to colony-level genetic structure. It is thus especially crucial to conduct complementary analyses on such(More)
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