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Various methods have been proposed for detecting the onset times of musical notes in audio signals. We examine recent work on onset detection using spectral features such as the magnitude, phase and complex domain representations, and propose improvements to these methods: a weighted phase deviation function and a half-wave rectified complex difference.(More)
BACKGROUND An aim of the National Primary Care Collaborative is to improve quality and access for patients in primary care using principles of Advanced Access. AIMS To determine whether Advanced Access led to improved availability of appointments with general practitioners (GPs) and to examine GPs' views of the process. DESIGN Observational study. (More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate outcomes for postnatal women attributed to special training for health visitors (HVs) in systematically identifying postnatal depression and delivering psychologically informed interventions, and to establish the cost-effectiveness of the intervention. DESIGN A pragmatic randomised cluster trial with clusters allocated to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate benefits for postnatal women of two psychologically informed interventions by health visitors. DESIGN Prospective cluster trial randomised by general practice, with 18 month follow-up. SETTING 101 general practices in Trent, England. PARTICIPANTS 2749 women allocated to intervention, 1335 to control. INTERVENTION Health(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the benefits of paramedic practitioners assessing and, when possible, treating older people in the community after minor injury or illness. Paramedic practitioners have been trained with extended skills to assess, treat, and discharge older patients with minor acute conditions in the community. DESIGN Cluster randomised controlled(More)
RESULTS In total 1309 patients were entered in the study: 699 (53.4%) were treated by paramedics operating protocol A and 610 (46.6%) were treated by paramedics operating protocol B. The randomisation worked well and there were no significant differences between treatment groups in incident characteristics, ambulance performance times, or patient or injury(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical and cost impact of providing cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for insomnia (comprising sleep hygiene, stimulus control, relaxation and cognitive therapy components) to long-term hypnotic drug users in general practice. DESIGN A pragmatic randomised controlled trial with two treatment arms (a CBT treated 'sleep clinic'(More)
BACKGROUND A scheme to train paramedics to undertake a greater role in the care of older people following a call for an emergency ambulance was developed in a large city in the UK. OBJECTIVES To assess the cost effectiveness of the paramedic practitioner (PP) scheme compared with usual emergency care. METHODS A cluster randomised controlled trial was(More)
BACKGROUND Advanced access has been forwarded as a strategy for reducing waiting times in primary care; however, previous evaluations have raised important issues regarding its appropriateness. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this paper are to assess the impact of advanced access on patient access to primary care services, and its broader effects on(More)