Simon De Ridder

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During thoracic impedance signal acquisition, noise is inherently introduced and hence, denoising is required to allow for accurate event detection. This paper investigates the effectiveness of Ensemble Emperical Mode Decomposition to filter random noise. The performance of the EEMD method is compared with an optimal FIR filter and wavelet denoising. The(More)
Ballistocardiography was recorded in 3-D on a free floating astronaut in space as well as on healthy volunteers participating to the ESA 55(th) and DLR 19(th) parabolic flights campaigns. In this paper we demonstrate further the usefulness of recording and analyzing ballistocardiograms (BCG) in three dimensions. The spatial curves of the displacement,(More)
A framework based on generalized hierarchical random graphs (GHRGs) for the detection of change points in the structure of temporal networks has recently been developed by Peel and Clauset [1]. We build on this methodology and extend it to also include the versatile stochastic block models (SBMs) as a parametric family for reconstructing the empirical(More)
Automated low flow anesthesia machines report how much inhaled anesthetic agent has been used for each anesthetic. We compared these reported values with the amount of agent that had disappeared by weighing the vaporizer/injectors before and after each anesthetic. The vaporizers/injectors of the Aisys, Zeus and FLOW-i were weighed with a high precision(More)
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