Simon Davis

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Evidence from studies of provocative motion indicates that motion sickness is tightly linked to the disturbances of thermoregulation. The major aim of the current study was to determine whether provocative visual stimuli (immersion into the virtual reality simulating rides on a rollercoaster) affect skin temperature that reflects thermoregulatory cutaneous(More)
The quantum cosmology of a higher-derivative gravity theory arising from the heterotic string effective action is reviewed. A new type of Wheeler-DeWitt equation is obtained when the dilaton is coupled to the quadratic curvature terms. Techniques for solving the Wheeler-DeWitt equation with appropriate boundary conditions shall be described, and(More)
With the standard fibre being a coset manifold, the transformation of a connection form in a fibre bundle under the action of the isometry group includes a dependence on the fibre coordinate. Elimination of the fibre coordinate from the transformation rule implies that the standard fibre is a Lie group and that the bundle is a principal bundle. The(More)