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In clinical oncology, positron emission tomography (PET) imaging can be used to assess therapeutic response by quantifying the evolution of semi-quantitative values such as standardized uptake value, early during treatment or after treatment. Current guidelines do not include metabolically active tumor volume (MATV) measurements and derived parameters such(More)
INTRODUCTION In contemporary human population, males exhibit larger size of dentition as compared to females. Additionally, these odontometric parameters show variation in members of same species and also show regional variation. AIM To evaluate sexual dimorphism of four maxillary odontometric parameters such as Intercanine Width (ICW), Interpremolar(More)
ZHANG, FAN. Towards Development of a Novel Neural-machine Interface for Powered Artificial Legs. (Under the direction of Dr. He Huang). Computerized, powered artificial legs hold great promise for improving the mobility and locomotive functions of lower limb amputees. However, current control strategy (i.e. manual mode switching) on commercialized devices(More)
Cosimulation techniques are popular in the design and early testing of cyber-physical systems. Such systems are typically composed of heterogeneous components and specified using a variety of languages and tools; this makes their formal analysis beyond simulation challenging. We here present work on formalised models and proofs about cosimulations in our(More)
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