Simon D. Round

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A dc nanogrid is a hybrid renewable system since renewable sources supply the average load demand, while storage and nonrenewable generation maintain the power balance in the presence of the stochastic renewable sources. The system is power electronic based, with converters being used to interface both the sources and loads to the system. The nanogrid is(More)
The digital control of a three-phase three-switch buck-type rectifier system is analyzed in this paper. Three main sources of time delays in the control loop can be identified for the implementation on a digital signal processor (DSP): 1) the delay time due to the sampling of the control quantities; 2) the one due to the calculation time of the DSP; and 3)(More)
Silicon carbide (SiC) switching devices have been widely discussed in power electronics due to their desirable properties and are believed to set new standards in efficiency, switching behavior, and power density for state-of-the-art converter systems. In this paper the design, construction, and performance of a 3 kVA All-SiC Current Source Converter (CSC)(More)
The harmonic currents generated by the single-phase rectifier are well known. As the levels of these currents become larger, the use of power conditioners such as shunt active filters to lower the levels is becoming more attractive. In order to analyze the interaction between the condition, ac system, and rectifier it is necessary to have an accurate model(More)
This paper presents the design of an auxiliary power distribution network for an electric vehicle. Efficiency is a key element in the design for any electric vehicle and a 48Vdc distribution network will be used throughout the vehicle. The high efficiency Cuk converter has been selected as the most appropriate topology to supply the various distributed(More)
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