Simon Curran

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Electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) are finding increasing use in aerospace applications, especially with the trend towards all all-electric aircraft and spacecraft designs. However, electro-mechanical actuators still lack the knowledge base accumulated for other fielded actuator types, particularly with regard to fault detection and characterization. This(More)
Sensor faults continue to be a major hurdle for systems health management to reach its full potential. At the same time, few recorded instances of sensor faults exist. It is equally difficult to seed particular sensor faults. Therefore, research is underway to better understand the different fault modes seen in sensors and to model the faults. The fault(More)
The remarkable ability of humans and animals to perform dynamic maneuvers, such as a jump, is largely attributed to series-elastic elements in skeletal muscle. Both the degree of elasticity and the coordination of muscular contractions have been shown to impact jump performance. The objective of this paper is to use a genetic algorithm (GA) to optimize the(More)
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