Simon Conan

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In this paper, we investigate a control strategy of synthesized interaction-sounds. The framework of our research is based on the action/object paradigm that considers that sounds result from an action on an object. This paradigm presumes that there exists some sound invariants, i.e. perceptually relevant signal morphologies that carry information about the(More)
This paper presents a physically inspired source-filter model for rolling sound synthesis. The model, which is suitable for real-time implementation, is based on qualitative and quantitative observations obtained from a physics-based model described in the literature. In the first part of the paper, the physics-based model is presented, followed by a(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulty of use of eyedrops is a factor associated with poor patient compliance that reduces treatment efficacy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the handiness and global acceptability of the new Abak timolol bottle (multidose preservative-free eyedrops) in comparison with that of other administration systems (classical multidose eyedrops(More)
We report a case of ligneous conjunctivitis in a young patient and we describe the clinical findings and the histological aspects of the lesions, which allows us to sum up the treatment of this rare disorder. We recommend the use of topical ciclosporine, heparin, and corticosteroids. To conclude we analyse the different way in which the disease can evolue.
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