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PURPOSE To compare the efficacy, primary failure rates, and complications for the Angio-Seal and Perclose closure devices in antegrade and retrograde common femoral artery (CFA) punctures during peripheral angioplasty procedures. METHODS A retrospective single-center analysis was conducted between April 2002 and June 2006 of all patients who had a CFA(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the StarClose device and compare its success rates in antegrade and retrograde puncture closures. METHODS A retrospective review of all StarClose deployments from April 2005 to July 2007 was performed in a single tertiary referral institution radiology department. In this time period, 143 StarClose devices were deployed in 132 patients(More)
Until recently, laparoscopic resection of tumors involving segment 7 (s7) of the liver was seen as a relative contraindication. We analyzed our experiences with laparoscopic resection of tumors in s7. Retrospective analysis of prospective database on operative and postoperative characteristics and surgical outcomes of patients in whom the intention was to(More)
Recent developments at the UK National Crystallography Service (NCS), in collaboration with the CombeChem eScience testbed and the eBank-UK projects, have been aimed at developing an eScience infrastructure to facilitate the crystallographic experiment from end to end. A seamless distributed computing approach is shown to be able to transform a conventional(More)
The stated aim of many repositories is to provide permanent open access to their content. However, relatively few repositories have implemented practical action plans towards permanence. Repository managers often lack time and confidence to tackle the important but scary problem of preservation. Written by, and aimed at, institutional repository managers,(More)
This paper describes the integration of the oreChem Core Ontology (CO), a top-level ontology for the description of the planning and enactment of scientific methods, with the eCrystals repository for crystal structures. Records in the eCrystals repository constitute all fundamental and derived data that is obtained as the result of the execution of a(More)
Miniature spectrometers incorporating array detectors are becoming a viable, low-cost option for field and process deployments. The performance characteristics of one such instrument are reported and compared with those of a conventional benchtop instrument. The parameters investigated were wavelength repeatability, photometric linearity, instrumental noise(More)
This version is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Abstract Reusable high quality data is emerging as the raw material of contemporary e-science. Large volumes of scientific data are now " born-digital " and need to be curated to facilitate use and reuse. Representation(More)
Oman contains diverse and abundant reef coral communities that extend along a coast that borders three environmentally distinct water bodies, with corals existing under unique and often stressful environmental conditions. In recent years Oman's reefs have undergone considerable change due to recurrent predatory starfish outbreaks, cyclone damage, harmful(More)
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