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Three-dimensional surface imaging technologies have been used in the planning and evaluation of breast reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The aim of this study was to develop a 3D surface imaging system based on the Microsoft Kinect and assess the accuracy and repeatability with which the system could image the breast. A system comprising two Kinects,(More)
Use of anthropometric data to infer sporting performance is increasing in popularity, particularly within elite sport programmes. Measurement typically follows standards set by the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). However, such techniques are time consuming, which reduces their practicality. Schranz et al. recently(More)
Complex anthropometrics such as area and volume, can identify changes in body size and shape that are not detectable with traditional anthropometrics of lengths, breadths, skinfolds and girths. However, taking these complex with manual techniques (tape measurement and water displacement) is often unsuitable. Three-dimensional (3D) surface imaging systems(More)
Many biomechanical and medical analyses rely on the availability of reliable body segment parameter estimates. Current techniques typically take many manual measurements of the human body, in conjunction with geometric models or regression equations. However, such techniques are often criticised. 3D scanning offers many advantages, but current systems are(More)
This research is concerned with tracking tennis racket movements. Previously, stereo camera systems have been used to track markers attached to rackets, which allows for racket movements to be obtained in three-dimensions. Typically, markers are manually selected on the image plane but this can be time consuming and inaccurate. This paper discusses a(More)
Breast volume is a key metric in breast surgery and there are a number of different methods which measure it. However, a lack of knowledge regarding a method's accuracy and comparability has made it difficult to establish a clinical standard. We have performed a systematic review of the literature to examine the various techniques for measurement of breast(More)
In many sports, the maximum swing speed of a racket, club, or bat is a key performance parameter. Previous research in multiple sports supports the hypothesis of an inverse association between the swing speed and moment of inertia of an implement. The aim of this study was to rigorously test and quantify this relationship using a restricted swinging motion.(More)
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