Simon Chen

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Photo deblurring has been a major research topic in the past few years. So far, existing methods have focused on removing the blur due to camera shake and object motion. In this paper, we show that the optical system of the camera also generates significant blur, even with professional lenses. We introduce a method to estimate the blur kernel densely over(More)
  • Andreas Schuldt, Martin Baruffol, Helge Bruelheide, Simon Chen, Xiulian Chi, Marcus Wall +1 other
  • 2014
Global change is predicted to cause non-random species loss in plant communities, with consequences for ecosystem functioning. However, beyond the simple effects of plant species richness, little is known about how plant diversity and its loss influence higher trophic levels, which are crucial to the functioning of many species-rich ecosystems. We analyzed(More)
The immature brain is exceptionally susceptible to seizures. However, it remains unclear whether seizures occurring during development affect critical processes underlying neural circuit formation, leading to long-term functional consequences. Here we characterize a novel in vivo model system of developmental seizures based on the transparent albino Xenopus(More)
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