Simon Chambers

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A 180 nm generation logic technology has been developed with high performance 140 nm L GATE transistors, six layers of aluminum interconnects and low-ε SiOF dielectrics. The transistors are optimized for a reduced 1.3-1.5 V operation to provide high performance and low power. The interconnects feature high aspect ratio metal lines for low resistance and(More)
The relationship between cell number and available Adriamycin (ADM) has been investigated in EMT6 cells. Results have shown that the ratio between cell number and total available ADM is important in determining in vitro ADM uptake and surviving fraction. Having established this effect, the sensitivity of exponentially growing and plateau phase EMT6 cells to(More)
Pitch changes that occur in speech and melodies can be described in terms of contour patterns of rises and falls in pitch and the actual pitches at each point in time. This study investigates whether training can improve the perception of these different features. One group of ten adults trained on a pitch-contour discrimination task, a second group trained(More)
Based on studies using direct observation methods, type I motility, the first motility pattern to emerge in chick embryos, is characterized as random, uncoordinated movement. Yet, electromyographic (EMG) studies indicate that leg muscles are recruited in orderly patterns of alternating flexor and extensor activity during type I motility. It has been(More)
A method for DNA histogram analysis is described that depends only on the simple assumption that the data are normally distributed and a requirement that a G1 peak is present. A probability density function was derived from the assumption that extracted the S-phase component from the whole histogram. The model was tested with simulated data, and good(More)
This paper describes the CHARM Energy Study in which mobile technology is used to study the impact of social group feedback on household energy consumption. We describe the background and rationale behind the study, the technology which supports the study, and the study's methodology. The work described herein builds upon similar studies by using mobile(More)
OBJECTIVE (1) To find the inter-rater and intra-rater reliability of raters using GaitMat II to measure tempo-spatial gait parameters of stroke patients. (2) To find if reliability is related to abnormality of footprint patterns. DESIGN A prospective agreement study. SETTING A movement analysis laboratory. SUBJECTS Nineteen adults who were at least(More)
In motor behavior studies of chick embryos in ovo, kinematic recording is limited to a single camera system and produces kinematic data that are distorted if out-of-plane movements are not considered. CONVERT is a rule based algorithm designed to calculate 3D limb movements given 2D kinematic data. CONVERT's calculations are based on a stationary reference(More)
Flow cytofluorimetric techniques, using acridine orange fluorescence to measure RNA and DNA simultaneously in EMT6 cells, have been employed to discriminate between three diploid DNA populations in vivo on the basis of their RNA content. Cells with the lowest RNA levels seem to be in the process of disintegration. Cells with the highest RNA levels(More)
Raschig Super-Pak is a novel development in structured packing product technology that is fundamentally different to the well known corrugated perforated or non-perforated, textured sheet metal structured packings. It comprises of a systematic sequence of smooth sinusoidal waves above and below the plain of the metal sheet. Total reflux distillation tests(More)