Simon Cassidy

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purpose Student radiographers must possess certain abilities to progress in their training; these can be assessed in various ways. Bandura's social cognitive theory identifies self-efficacy as a key psychological construct with regard to how people adapt to environments where new skills are developed. Use of this construct is common in health care(More)
Self-efficacy relates to an individual's perception of their capabilities. It has a clear self-evaluative dimension leading to high or low perceived self-efficacy. Individual differences in perceived self-efficacy have been shown to be better predictors of performance than previous achievement or ability and seem particularly important when individuals face(More)
This paper presents a critical review of eye tracking as a research approach and evaluates its potential for usability testing in pre-school children. We argue that eye-tracking data is useful for assessing web engagement in this age-group, but only if triangulated against other usability methods. Recommendations for potential usability methods to use in(More)
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