Simon Campbell

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  • Beatriz Baragaña, Irene Hallyburton, Marcus C. S. Lee, Neil R. Norcross, Raffaella Grimaldi, Thomas D. Otto +57 others
  • 2015
There is an urgent need for new drugs to treat malaria, with broad therapeutic potential and novel modes of action, to widen the scope of treatment and to overcome emerging drug resistance. Here we describe the discovery of DDD107498, a compound with a potent and novel spectrum of antimalarial activity against multiple life-cycle stages of the Plasmodium(More)
  • John J. Worthington, Aoife Kelly, Catherine Smedley, David Bauché, Simon Campbell, Julien C. Marie +1 other
  • 2015
Regulatory T (Treg) cells play a pivotal role in suppressing self-harmful T cell responses, but how Treg cells mediate suppression to maintain immune homeostasis and limit responses during inflammation is unclear. Here we show that effector Treg cells express high amounts of the integrin αvβ8, which enables them to activate latent transforming growth(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Nasal sensory nerves play an important role in symptoms associated with rhinitis triggered by environmental stimuli. Here, we propose that TRPV1 is pivotal in nasal sensory nerve activation and assess the potential of SB-705498 as an intranasal therapy for rhinitis. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH The inhibitory effect of SB-705498 on(More)
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