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Cumulative conception and livebirth rates related to age and cause of infertility provide the most useful estimate of success after in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), but limited data are available. It is also uncertain whether the probability of pregnancy, livebirth, and pregnancy failure changes with repeated treatment cycles. To assess the effects of(More)
The aim of this study was to determine basal serum vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) concentrations and Doppler blood flow changes within the ovarian stroma of women with polycystic ovaries (PCO) and women with normal ovaries. Pulsed and colour Doppler blood flows within the ovarian stroma were recorded, and serum VEGF concentrations measured, in(More)
BACKGROUND Whether some benign ovarian cysts can develop into cancerous cysts is not known. If a large proportion of ovarian cancers arose in this way, it might be possible to remove the benign cysts in a screening programme before they became malignant. We used follow-up data from a cohort of 5479 self-referred women without symptoms, who participated in a(More)
The variation in the risk of solid second malignant neoplasms (SMN) with time since first cancer during childhood has been previously reported. However, no study has been performed that controls for the distribution of radiation dose and the aggressiveness of past chemotherapy, which could be responsible for the observed temporal variation of the risk. The(More)
The accuracy with which ovarian morphology and size can be determined by a real-time, ultrasound mechanical sector scanner was assessed. Both ovaries of 11 climacteric women appeared morphologically normal by ultrasonography and these findings were confirmed at laparotomy the following day. The correlation coefficient between ovarian volumes determined by(More)
There is an urgent need for new drugs to treat malaria, with broad therapeutic potential and novel modes of action, to widen the scope of treatment and to overcome emerging drug resistance. Here we describe the discovery of DDD107498, a compound with a potent and novel spectrum of antimalarial activity against multiple life-cycle stages of the Plasmodium(More)
A follow-up study of 51 small-for-gestation-age babies, whose intrauterine growth was monitored by serial ultrasonic cephalometry, was carried out at a mean age of 5.1 years. The developmental abilities of the children were assessed by using the McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities and the results were compared with those of a group of matched control(More)
Randomised, double-blind controlled trials have been started to determine whether tamoxifen can prevent or delay development of breast cancer in healthy women with a family history of the disease. We recruited a randomised cohort of 111 postmenopausal women (aged 46-71 years) from the Pilot Breast Cancer Prevention Trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital to(More)
Ultrasound records were examined retrospectively in the cases of 70 fetuses with open spina bifida diagnosed by ultrasonography at 16-23 weeks' gestation. Biparietal diameter was below the 5th centile for gestation in 61% and head circumference measurements in 26%. The anterior horn of the lateral cerebral ventricle to hemisphere ratio was above the 95th(More)