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Causes of variability in male vibratory signals and the role of female choice in Mantophasmatodea
Communication systems that involve substrate vibrations are increasingly a focus of research since this communication mode - recently termed biotremology - has been found to be remarkably widespreadExpand
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Movement Patterns Differ between Sexes and Depend on Weather Conditions in the Butterfly Lycaena tityrus
Habitat loss and anthropogenic climate change are important threats to biodiversity conservation. Owing to the concomitantly deteriorating habitat quality, individuals are often forced to disperse toExpand
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Comparative transcriptomics of ice‐crawlers demonstrates cold specialization constrains niche evolution in a relict lineage
Key changes in ecological niche space are often critical to understanding how lineages diversify during adaptive radiations. However, the converse, or understanding why some lineages are depauperateExpand