Simon C. Blackburn

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The midline of the brachialis muscle is now regarded by many surgeons as an internervous plane, between the musculocutaneous nerve supply to the medial portion and a radial nerve contribution to the lateral portion, a principle applied in anterior approaches to the humerus. The radial nerve to brachialis has been described previously in East Asian specimens(More)
Background. Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) has been highlighted in the recent literature as a means of performing a range of common, minimal access, paediatric surgical procedures. The primary attraction is the absence of visible scarring. Aim. This study aims to describe a cosmetically advantageous means of SILS port placement in children,(More)
90 percent of symptomatic patients undergoing cholecystectomy have cholelithiasis with 10% categorized as asymptomatic cholecystitis. In both instances, the gallbladder is evident on ultrasonography. In children with symptomatic biliary dyspepsia, the decision to proceed to cholecystectomy is made difficult if choleliths are not seen on ultrasonography.(More)
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