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A number of extensions exist for Alternating-time Temporal Logic; some of these mix strategies and partial observability but, to the best of our knowledge, no work provides a unified framework for strategies, partial observability and fairness constraints. In this paper we propose AT LK F po , a logic mixing strategies under partial observability and(More)
Model checking verifies that a model of a system satisfies a given property, and otherwise produces a counterexample explaining the violation. The verified properties are formally expressed in temporal logics. Some temporal logics, such as CTL, are branching: they allow to express facts about the whole computation tree of the model, rather than on each(More)
Reasoning about strategies has been a concern for several years, and many extensions of Alternating-time Temporal Logic have been proposed. One extension, AT LKirF , allows the user to reason about the strategies of the agents of a system under partial observability and unconditional fairness constraints. However, the existing model-checking algorithm for(More)
In the railway domain, an interlocking is a computerised system that controls the railway signalling objects in order to allow a safe operation of the train traffic. Each interlocking makes use of particular data, called application data, that reflects the track layout of the station under control. The verification and validation of the application data are(More)
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