Simon Buchanan

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Uterine and vaginal collagen content and plasma oestradiol concentration were measured in traditional, male-line and prolapsed male-line turkeys to investigate the higher incidence of uterine prolapse in the male-line strain. The effect of exogenous oestradiol on vaginal collagen and plasma oestradiol was also tested in the traditional and male-line(More)
The basic electrical rhythm (BER) of the gastrointestinal tract creates minute magnetic fields that have been measured in animals using a Superconducting QUantum Interference Device (SQUID) gradiometer. The aim of this study was to measure noninvasively the biomagnetic fields of human stomach and small intestine. Twenty-one human volunteers were studied(More)
1. An experiment was conducted to test the hypothesis that severe food restriction throughout the onset of lay or delaying photostimulation by 5 weeks would decrease the number of ovarian hierarchical follicles in male-line turkeys. It was proposed that a decrease in the number of hierarchical follicles would lower plasma oestradiol concentration and be(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE The experiment determined first whether visible markers of brain injury shape judgements of severity of injury and time since injury; and secondly whether these two judgements predict attributions for undesirable actions performed by an adolescent with brain-injury. RESEARCH DESIGN Scenarios presented a photograph of an adolescent, in(More)
Ovarian production of oestradiol and progesterone was investigated in a single ovulating traditional line and a multiple ovulating male line of turkeys. The oestradiol output from small follicles in response to LH stimulation and the aromatase activity of the residual ovary were also compared. The multiple hierarchy of follicles in the male line was shown(More)
Lines of turkeys selected for rapid growth and high meat yield have an increased incidence of prolapse of the oviduct compared with unselected or traditional strains of turkeys. The development of the reproductive system and changes in plasma estrogen concentrations were compared in sire line and traditional turkeys with the aim of identifying any(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the profile of circulating concentrations of LH, progesterone and oestradiol in a multiple ovulating male line with that of a single ovulating line of traditional turkeys. Plasma samples from seven traditional and 12 male-line turkeys were obtained every 3 h for 36 h. Male-line and traditional turkeys had single peaks of(More)
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