Simon Brassard

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The integron is a new type of mobile element containing one or more antibiotic-resistance-encoding genes site-specifically integrated as cassettes. The integrated genes are expressed from a common promoter region located in an adjacent conserved segment. Sequence analysis has revealed the existence of four versions of the integron promoters. In this study,(More)
Considering the current pyramidal age of developed countries it appears that there is a need for tools that can automatically evaluate a person's ability to maintain balance. Proposed system, is a serious game running on the <i>Android OS.</i> It uses an augmented sole in order to measure movements realized by the user. For this evaluation, the same(More)
We have cloned and sequenced the accIRM genes from Weeksella zoohelcum (the original identification of this strain as Acinetobacter calcoaceticus was incorrect). Our sequence differs in the coding regions from a previously published sequence by the addition of three nucleotides near the 3' end of the DNA methyltransferase-encoding gene (accIM). We have(More)
The authors present a cases of localised exostosis of the angle and the ascending ramus of the mandible. They stress the technical problems posed by this giant exostosis and they propose an original operative approach together with a complete review of the literature.
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