Simon Boung-Yew Lau

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A number of genetic risk factors have been identified for Alzheimer's disease (AD) including genes involved in the inflammatory response (interleukin 1A, [IL-1α (-889)], interleukin 1B (IL-1β [+3953]), and tumor necrosis factor (TNF [-308 and -850]). We investigated the prevalence and functional consequences (baseline cognitive performance, plasma cytokine(More)
AbstrAct Pervasive learning will become increasingly important in technology-enhanced learning (TEL). In this context, development efforts focus on features such as context-awareness, adaptation, services retrieval and orchestration mechanisms. This paper proposes a process to assist the development of such systems, from conception through to execution.(More)
One of the success criteria in e-learning is to deliver context-aware content and services to learners to achieve maximum user satisfaction and positive learning outcome. With the advancements in mobile and networking technology, it is now possible to deliver the right content and services based on the learner's learning context. In this paper, we define(More)
During recent conflicts in the Middle East, U.S. military families have endured multiple separations, relocations, and alterations in family structure/routines, combined with other significant stressors. This review examines what is known about children's mental health and functioning in relation to parental military deployment during conflicts spanning the(More)