Simon Blouin

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Many bacterial mRNAs are regulated at the transcriptional or translational level by ligand-binding elements called riboswitches. Although they both bind adenine, the adenine riboswitches of Bacillus subtilis and Vibrio vulnificus differ by controlling transcription and translation, respectively. Here, we demonstrate that, beyond the obvious difference in(More)
The Bacillus subtilis lysC lysine riboswitch modulates its own gene expression upon lysine binding through a transcription attenuation mechanism. The riboswitch aptamer is organized around a single five-way junction that provides the scaffold for two long-range tertiary interactions (loop L2-loop L3 and helix P2-loop L4)--all of this for the creation of a(More)
OBJECTIVES Maternal satisfaction during the birthing process has been well documented, whereas little is known about the fathers' birth experiences. Our objective was to evaluate and compare the birth satisfaction of mothers and fathers. DESIGN Comparative cross-sectional study. SETTING Number of participating centres: one level III maternity centre(More)
BACKGROUND While spirituality is well described in end-of-life care literature, research on its place in the delivery room remains largely limited to mother-oriented qualitative studies focusing on life-threatening situations (e.g., high-risk pregnancies). Our aim was to compare mothers' and fathers' spirituality during childbirth. METHODS A mixed methods(More)
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