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In this article we show that for initial data close to local minimizers of the Möbius energy the gradient flow exists for all time and converges smoothly to a local minimizer after suitable reparametrizations. To prove this, we show that the heat flow of the Möbius energy possesses a quasilinear structure which allows us to derive new short-time existence(More)
We generalize the notion of integral Menger curvature introduced by Gonzalez and Maddocks [14] by decoupling the powers in the integrand. This leads to a new two-parameter family of knot energies intM. We classify finite-energy curves in terms of Sobolev-Slobodeckĭı spaces. Moreover, restricting to the range of parameters leading to a sub-critical(More)
Let E be a compact subset of C with connected, regular complement Ω = C \ E and let G(z) denote Green’s function of Ω with pole at ∞. For a sequence (pn)n∈Λ of polynomials with deg pn = n, we investigate the value-distribution of pn in a neighbourhood U of a boundary point z0 of E if G(z) is an exact harmonic majorant of the subharmonic functions 1 n log(More)
Experiment #735, now being executed at the A.G.S. is implemented in FASTBUS. This is, to our knowledge, the first experiment to be done using this system. Briefly,this data acquisition system is designed to operate and gather data from high energy physics experiments at sub-microsecond speeds. It is a 32 bit bus system capable of operating at near-gigabit(More)
Described is a new and novel approach for cooling nuclear instrumentation modules via heat conduction. We will show the simplicity of liquid cooled crates and ease of thermal management with conduction cooled modules. While this system was developed primarily for the higher power levels expected with Fastbus electronics, it has many general applications.
After two decades of intensive research, CP nonconservation can still be described completely by one number, ~ e ~ = (2.274 + Q.022) x 10 3, that defines the proportion of the even CP eigens-tate ~Kt) in the largely CP-odd ~ KLo) state. Many other possible consequences of CP nonconservation have been shown to be consistent with zero by a large set of null(More)
During this period new modules and devices will be built to be used in Experiment 749 at the A.G.S. Included will be /spl I.itilde/200 channels of A-D converters for Pb-Glass Cerenkov counters, 2000 channels of proportional wire chamber readout, cable segments, segment interconnects, a new unibus interface, and a new onsegment processor. These items and(More)