Simon Bachmann

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The human interface of a Caterpillar 325FB fellerbuncher was modi ed to allow the operator to use (i) a 5-DOF joystick, and (ii) a 6-DOF magneticallylevitated joystick with sti ness feedback. While the operator commanded the velocity of the endpoint, an onboard computer system managed total system power, solved the inverse kinematics, servoed the joint(More)
We present an ultrasound vibro-elastography system designed to acquire viscoelastic properties of the prostate and peri-prostatic tissue. An excitation stage imparts low-frequency (<20 Hz), limited amplitude (< +/- 2 mm), broadband vibratory motion to an endorectal transducer, along a radial/transversal direction. The induced tissue motion is estimated from(More)
A fully counter-balanced 6-DOF robot for ultrasound carotid artery diagnosis has been reported before [l]. This paper presents the design of its controller. The controller is a velocity controller capable of incorpomting position control, force control, and image based control, using shared control. Safety is a significant issue in the design of the control(More)
Gravitational and friction terms play an important role in achieving high performance control of heavy-duty hydraulic machines, such as excavators. In this paper, a new approach for decoupled estimation of the gravitational parameters is presented. Static experiments are carried out with an instrumented computer-controlled mini excavator to estimate the(More)
An earlier prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial had suggested that Bryophyllum pinnatum might have potential in the treatment of overactive bladder. Here we investigated the effects of B. pinnatum leaf press juice, fractions enriched in flavonoids and bufadienolides, and a flavonoid aglycon mixture and individual aglycons on detrusor(More)
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