Simon Alex Charles

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The chemical attachment of poly(ethylene glycol) [PEG] to therapeutic proteins produces several benefits, including enhanced plasma half-life, lower toxicity, and increased drug stability and solubility. In certain instances, pegylation of a protein can increase its therapeutic efficacy by reducing the ability of the immune system to detect and mount an(More)
This paper describes a channel sounder based on correlation of a maximum-length sequence. The sounder is designed for the evaluation of the absolute path loss and multipath delay spread of a fixed wireless local loop channel at 5.5 GHz. The sounder uses two stage down conversion with the second stage and subsequent processing being done in software,(More)
This paper investigates the application of the ETSI HIPERLAN/2 and IEEE 802.11a physical layer standards to the wireless local loop. Simulation results are presented. A simulation model of the 5.5 GHz wireless local loop channel has been parameterised using the results of real channel measurements. This model is combined with models of the transmitter,(More)
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