Simon Ahlgren

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BACKGROUND The main technological impediment to widespread utilization of lignocellulose for the production of fuels and chemicals is the lack of low-cost technologies to overcome its recalcitrance. Organisms that hydrolyze lignocellulose and produce a valuable product such as ethanol at a high rate and titer could significantly reduce the costs of biomass(More)
An evaluation of the results of removal of a septic total hip prosthesis in 27 patients was made at least 1 year after the operation. The function of many of the patients improved throughout the first year after removal. It is concluded that the Girdlestone hip in many cases offers a satisfactory solution for the patient.
In four patients ectopic bone formed after total hip replacement was replaced with free fat transplants. One year later the patients were free from pain, and hip flexion had increased by 60 degrees on average. Ectopic bone was completely absent in one patient, and markedly reduced in the remaining three patients. Bone scintigraphy was found to be a(More)
In a prospective study 50 extremities in 46 patients with total hip replacement (THR) were examined clinically and with EMG preoperatively and 4 weeks postoperatively. Four patients with normal preoperative findings had electromyographical evidence of nerve lesions postoperatively and three of these had clinical symptoms; one patient had no clinical(More)
Two hundred and one randomly selected patients (109 women and 92 men) fitted with their first lumbosacral corset because of low back pain were interviewed 3.5--4.5 years later. Two-thirds of the patients were 41--70 years when fitted with the corset. Barely three-quarters of them wore the corset regularly immediately after prescription. One-fifth became(More)