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The authors report a rare case of thoracic intradural extramedullary capillary haemangioma, the clinical presentation of which was similar to any other intraspinal mass. Magnetic resonance imaging does not always distinguish this entity from others, but the presence of enlarged vasculature is often a useful clue. Complete resection is the treatment of(More)
An intraventricular glioma occupying all four ventricles of the brain in children is very uncommon. The authors report a unique case of a tetraventricular Grade II astrocytoma with evidence of extension into the basal cisterns in a 5-year-old boy who had a 1-month history of headache. There was no neurological deficit except bilateral papilledema.
Primary testicular plasmacytoma is rare, especially when occurring in the absence of a previous or concurrent diagnosis of multiple myeloma. An 84-year-old gentleman was admitted with complaints of swelling over the right side of scrotum for the past 2 months. Local examination revealed a 10×15 cm tense and tender swelling involving the right scrotum.(More)
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