Simon A Cater

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The interaction of a variety of aspartic proteinases with a recombinant tomato protein produced in Pichia pastoris was investigated. Only human cathepsin D and, even more potently, proteinase A from Saccharomyces cerevisiae were inhibited. The tomato polypeptide has >80% sequence identity to a previously reported potato inhibitor of cathepsin D.(More)
This paper describes the identification and molecular cloning of the earthworm metalloenzyme pre-procarboxypeptidase. It was possible to approximate the putative pre-pro cleavage sites, which after removal activates a 35.7 kDa mature peptide with a length of 317 amino acids. The primary, secondary and predicted tertiary structure of the mature chain is(More)
Thymus and activation-regulated chemokine (TARC) is a CC chemokine that is most highly expressed in the thymus. TARC interacts primarily with the CCR4 receptor and to a lesser extent with the CCR8 receptor. Three different crystal forms of synthetically prepared TARC were grown in triclinic, hexagonal and tetragonal systems. The X-ray data for the triclinic(More)
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