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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES In India, screening of blood for human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B surface antigen, and hepatitis C virus is mandatory before issue for transfusion, but donors are not informed of their reactive status. Advising donors who have reactive test results of viral markers is an essential adjunct to blood donor testing and is part(More)
In this study, we investigated the role of autophagy induced by boswellic acid analog BA145 on cell cycle progression in pancreatic cancer cells. BA145 induced robust autophagy in pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1 and exhibited cell proliferation inhibition by inducing cells to undergo G2/M arrest. Inhibition of G2/M progression was associated with(More)
A library of boswellic acid analogues were synthesized and tested for their anti-inflammatory potential on key inflammatory mediators, TNF-α and IL-6. The study led to the identification of lead compounds showing significant inhibition of the cytokines, TNF-α and IL-6 both in vitro and in vivo.
Radical-radical cross coupling reactions of photoexcited 9-fluorenones have been accomplished for the first time, leading to the synthesis of 9-alkyl, pyrollidinyl and spiro-THF derivatives of 9-fluorenones. The method also reveals, for the first time, the behaviour of ketyl radicals in decarboxyaltive alkylation and ring expansion reactions.
The synthesis and bio-evaluation of naturally occurring boswellic acids (BAs) as an alternate CAP for the design of new HDAC inhibitors is described. All the compounds were screened against a panel of human cancer cell lines to identify leads, which were subsequently examined for their potential to inhibit HDACs. The identified lead compound showed IC50(More)
Tubulin binding compounds represent one of the most attractive targets for anticancer drug development. They broadly fall into two categories viz., tubulin polymerization inhibitors, which block microtubule growth and destabilize microtubules like vinca alkaloids and cryptophycins, and the others, which polymerize microtubules into hyperstable forms(More)
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