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Visualization and interactive analysis can help network administrators and security analysts analyze the network flow and log data. The complexity of such an analysis requires a combination of knowledge and experience from more domain experts to solve difficult problems faster and with higher reliability. We developed an online visual analysis system called(More)
Social media data with geotags can be used to track people's movements in their daily lives. By providing both rich text and movement information, visual analysis on social media data can be both interesting and challenging. In contrast to traditional movement data, the sparseness and irregularity of social media data increase the difficulty of extracting(More)
This paper presents parallel extended operations of point-addition and point-double for cryptosystem on conic curves over ring Zn. The data dependencies are deduced by analyzing the definitions of two extended operations. Take procedure of paralleling extended point-addition as an example. We employ the Chinese Remainder Theorem to divide point-addition(More)
During aging, the reduction of elastic and collagen fibers in dermis can lead to skin atrophy, fragility, and aged appearance, such as increased facial wrinkling and sagging. Microfibril-associated glycoprotein-1 (MAGP-1) is an extracellular matrix protein critical for elastic fiber assembly. It integrates and stabilizes the microfibril and elastin matrix(More)
Direct integration of III–V light emitting sources on Si substrates has attracted significant interest for addressing the growing limitations for Si-based electronics and allowing the realization of complex optoelectronics circuits. However, the high density of threading dislocations introduced by large lattice mismatch and incompatible thermal expansion(More)
Learning from demonstration has been applied successfully in acquiring similar motor skills for robot. However, how to accomplish different tasks with no explicit demonstration is still a challenging issue. In this paper, we propose a novel robot skills learning method consisted of Dynamical Movement Primitives with mixture Gaussian Model(More)
With the high-voltage reactive power compensation device needs cascaded topology is more and more used in cascade STATCOM, however with the increase of chain units, the complexity of the system and the failure rate is also increased, while each chain DC voltage balancing section also has been a hot issue chain STATCOM research. Based on the above problem,(More)
Filamentary keratitis (FK) is a chronic and recurrent disorder of the cornea. FK is reportedly associated with various kinds of ocular surface diseases or conditions. Until now, there have been lacks of studies based on quantitative sample analysis concerning FK incidence regularity and inducement characteristics at different ages. This was a retrospective(More)