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A BST RA CT The growing interest in and increased visibility of the ® eld of Disability Studies raises questions about the ® eld' s logical borders and valid dim ensions. This essay looks to guidin g principles from the ® eld itself as the basis for delineating a robust liberal arts-based inquiry into disability, distinct from traditional interventionist(More)
The MALAS Comprehensive MA Exam questions allow students to demonstrate their familiarity with specific works on interdisciplinary reading lists they have developed in conjunction with their faculty field advisors. As MALAS is an interdisciplinary studies program, graduate students should respond to the selected prompts/questions in ways that demonstrate(More)
  • S Linton
  • 2000
Following the initial description of natural C5 deficiency in inbred mice, a growing number of complement component deficiencies in animals have been described, caused by a variety of genetic defects. Studies on such animals have contributed greatly to an understanding of the specific roles of classical, alternative and terminal pathway activation and(More)
This report describes the three-dimensional imaging and virtual environment technologies developed in NASA's Biocomputation Center for scientific purposes that have now led to applications in the field of medicine. A major goal is to develop a virtual environment surgery workbench for planning complex craniofacial and breast reconstructive surgery, and for(More)
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