Simer Grewal

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1. SB 200646A, N-(1-methyl-5-indolyl)-N'-(3-pyridyl) urea hydrochloride, the first reported selective 5-HT2C/2B over 5-HT2A receptor antagonist, (pK1 rat 5-HT2C receptor 6.9, pA2 rat 5-HT2B receptor 7.5, pK1 rat 5-HT2A receptor 5.2) dose-dependently blocked a putative rat model of 5-HT2C receptor activation; 1-(3-chlorophenyl)piperazine (mCPP, 5 mg kg-1,(More)
INTRODUCTION Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by an abundance of autoantibodies against nuclear antigens. Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) is a proximal transducer of the BCR signal that allows for B-cell activation and differentiation. Recently, selective inhibition of Btk by PCI-32765 has shown promise in limiting(More)
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