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Many state-of-the-art lossless image compression standards feature adaptive error modelling. This, however, leads to data dependency loops of the compression scheme such that a parallel compression of neighboring pixels is not possible. In this paper, we analyse the parallelism provided in JPEG-LS by the large number of different and independent context(More)
A parallel lossless image compression engine based on memory efficient tiling and context-based predictive coding is presented for high performance embedded systems. The engine compresses n pixels in parallel with n elementary processing units (EPUs). The low complexity of the JPEG-LS algorithm, combined with its competitive performance, is an advantage for(More)
Lay people's evaluation of environmental risks is often based on mass media descriptions of single disastrous events. This article analyzes the cognitive and emotional reactions towards those reports. We assume that characteristic features of the events determine the cognitive evaluation and the rise of the emotions anger and sadness. An intuitive,(More)
The method particle image velocimetry (PIV) measures particle velocities in natural sciences and engineering based on the determination of the optical flow. Classical PIV requires capturing the particles twice with short delay and with very short exposure time which exceeds the frame rate and the shutter speed of typical imaging systems. Thus, the exposure(More)
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