Simeon Petkov

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Workflow management deals with supporting business processes in organisations, it involves managing the flow of work through an organisation [1]. Workflows are a collection of coordinated tasks designed to carry out a well-defined complex process [11]. A workflow management system is a generic information system that supports modelling, execution,(More)
X-ray angiography is widely used in cardiac disease diagnosis during or prior to intravascular interventions. The diaphragm motion and the heart beating induce gray-level changes, which are one of the main obstacles in quantitative analysis of myocardial perfusion. In this paper we focus on detecting the diaphragm border in both single images or whole X-ray(More)
X-ray angiography is the most common imaging modality employed in the diagnosis of coronary diseases prior or during a catheter-based intervention. The analysis of the patient X-Ray sequence can provide useful information about the degree of arterial stenosis, the myocardial perfusion and other clinical parameters. If the sequence has been acquired to(More)
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