Simeon E Goldblum

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  • Bradford A Young, Xiufen Sui, Timothy D Kiser, Sang Won, Hyun, Ping Wang +8 others
  • 2003
Protein tyrosine phosphorylation is tightly regulated through the actions of both protein tyrosine kinases and protein tyrosine phosphatases. In this study, we demonstrate that protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibition promotes tyrosine phosphorylation of endothelial cell-cell adherens junction proteins, opens an endothelial paracellular pathway, and(More)
A common finding amongst patients with inhalational anthrax is a paucity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) in infected tissues in the face of abundant circulating PMNs. A major virulence determinant of anthrax is edema toxin (ET), which is formed by the combination of two proteins produced by the organism, edema factor (EF), which is an adenyl cyclase,(More)
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