Simeon Borisov

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Protons and helium nuclei are the most abundant components of the cosmic radiation. Precise measurements of their fluxes are needed to understand the acceleration and subsequent propagation of cosmic rays in our Galaxy. We report precision measurements of the proton and helium spectra in the rigidity range 1 gigavolt to 1.2 teravolts performed by the(More)
Described from the steppe zones north of the Black Sea, Caucasus, and central Asia, Gryllotalpa stepposa Zhantiev was recently recorded from a few localities in Greece, R. Macedonia, and Bulgaria. In May 2015, several specimens were collected from Ivrinezu Mare in Romania, which suggested a continuous distribution area of the species, stretching from the(More)
This review addresses the question of the primary and secondary prophylaxis of cardioembolic stroke in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. The indications and regimens for use of anticoagulant therapy are discussed, as are the prophylactic advantages and difficulties in using one of the most widespread oral anticoagulant, warfarin. The mechanism(More)
Sixteen species of dragonflies were recorded in 12 thermal springs of Central Asia. Of these, Ischnura forcipata, I. pumilio, Orthetrum anceps, O. brunneum, and Sympetrum haritonovi were widely distributed in hydrothermal waters. In the high mountains of Pamir, dragonflies can develop only in hot springs. The maximum altitude recorded for the habitat of O.(More)
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