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Described from the steppe zones north of the Black Sea, Caucasus, and central Asia, Gryllotalpa stepposa Zhantiev was recently recorded from a few localities in Greece, R. Macedonia, and Bulgaria. In May 2015, several specimens were collected from Ivrinezu Mare in Romania, which suggested a continuous distribution area of the species, stretching from the(More)
When assessing the risk of developing non carcinogenic effects, the authors calculated the summary danger indices for the Orenburg Region's population living in the urbanized and rural areas. The risk of developing harmful effects for children from monotowns and rural settlements was also determined. The findings lead to the conclusion that monotowns are(More)
The composition of microflora in different sections of the reproductive tract of women with disturbances of reproductive function was studied. The study revealed that the spectrum of microorganisms isolated from a bioptic specimen taken from the cavity of the small pelvis was narrower in comparison with such spectrum in material aspirated from the uterine(More)
High occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) caused by a combination of different infective agents was established. In 62.5% of cases such diseases took a course typical for mixed infections. Combinations of infective agents of STD were found to have several typical associations, e.g. Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis in combination(More)
The antilysozyme activity of 184 meningococcal strains was studied. Such activity was found in all strains within the range 1-25 micrograms/ml, which was due to the heterogeneity of bacterial population. Strains varying in the total level of their lysozyme activity differed in the population structure by this sign. Preparations inhibiting antilysozyme(More)
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